LegumePlus in the US

Presentation by Prof. Irene Mueller-Harvey

Following the end of the four-year-long EU funded LegumePlus research project, its coordinator Prof. Irene Mueller-Harvey of Reading University has presented results in America. Prof. Mueller-Harvey gave the presentation at the Synergy in Science: Partnering for Solutions meeting at the Minneapolis Convention Center from 15-18 November. The meeting, hosted by American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America, hosted more than 4,000 scientists, professionals, educators, and students. The key objectives of LegumePlus have been to further investigate how bioactive forage legumes, in particular sainfoin and birdsfoot trefoil, can improve protein utilisation in ruminant livestock farming and the ability of these legumes to combat parasitic nematodes. Prof. Mueller-Harvey’s presentation summarised current knowledge relating to tannin­ containing legumes and concluded with a wish-list for ‘ideal' tannin ­containing forages. It emphasized that robust and stable tannin concentrations and compositions are required in addition to high yield, good weed suppression and resistance to climatic stress.

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