LegumePlus Recruiting Young Researchers

ESR & ER Marie Curie Fellows can apply for a research position now.

 Europe faces the Grand Challenges of climate change and global warming, which will seriously impact on food security. LegumePlus will investigate alternative forage legumes, which have bioactive polyphenols in order to i) optimise ruminant nutrition, ii) reduce greenhouse gas emissions, iii) improve milk, cheese and meat quality and iv) control parasitic worms in animals. This network will train fellows in ruminant nutrition and parasitology, analytical chemistry and plant breeding and provide excellent training in scientific and complementary skills. Close collaboration between partners from the public and private sectors will ensure that this training will enhance the employability of young researchers.

Who Can Apply?

For Early Stage Researcher positions:
Candidates should hold a diploma granting access to doctoral studies and should have <4 years of full-time equivalent (fte) research experience.

For Experienced Researcher positions:
Candidates should have <5 years of fte research experience and:
- hold a doctoral (PhD) degree; or
- have ≥4 years of fte research experience

Applicants can be nationals of any country but must not have resided in the country of the host organisation for more than 12 months in the last 3 years.


For further details and imminent deadlines: please contact supervisors below:
University of Reading, UK: 2 ESRs, 1 ER in chemistry (i.mueller-harvey@reading.ac.uk); NIAB, Cambridge, UK: 2 ESRs in plant breeding (Lydia.Smith@niab.com); Delley Seeds & Plants, CH: 1 ESR in molecular plant breeding (roland.koelliker@art.admin.ch); Agroscope (ART), CH: 1 ESR in agronomy (andreas.luescher@art.admin.ch); Agroscope (ALP)-ETH, CH: 2 ESR in animal nutrition (giuseppe.bee@alp.admin.ch or frigga.dohme-meier@alp.admin.ch); INRA-Theix, FR: 1 ESR in animal nutrition (vincent.niderkorn@clermont.inra.fr); Wageningen University, NL: 1 ESR in animal nutrition (Wilbert.Pellikaan@wur.nl); University of Turku, FI: 1 ESR in chemistry (j-p.salminen@utu.fi); University of Copenhagen, DK: 1 ESR in parasitology (Prof S. Thamsborg: smt@life.ku.dk); INRA-IHAP, Toulouse, FR: 1 ESR, 1 ER in parasitology (h.hoste@envt.fr).