Horses Love Sainfoin

Cotswold Seeds customer comments on his experience and involvement with Sainfoin and the LegumePlus project

Peter Davy, who has supplied  fresh sainfoin test samples to the LegumePlus project has grown a small acreage of Sainfoin for a number of years. Last year he planted a few acres on a neighbours field - Mr. & Mrs. Phillips from Shelvin,  in Kent - to try sainfoin on British Warmblood Colts from their Ukeuro Stud (seen pictured to the right).

Sainfoin haylage cut late summer was tried on the young horses and some brood mares this Spring. Referring to Mr. & Mrs. Phillips' comments Mr. Davy says "Yes his horses loved it and he said they looked better almost straight away. He was very pleased and said he was going to plant 8 acres of it there and then, though the field he had in mind turned out to be too acidic so he couldn't. He has many horses all set stocked (no rotation system) with a worm problem including, he thinks, wormer resistance. So potentially it's a good site for an experiment in the benefits of sainfoin which we are sort of trying in our little way - with a plan to feed/supplement a group of young horses through the year with sainfoin to compare with the other groups. We have talked about grazing them on my sainfoin this year BUT are in two minds as we want to have enough sainfoin as a daily supplement through the year so we can compare that with the controls. However we are thinking of grazing some if it as opposed to second cut of hay."

Prof. Irene Mueller-Harvey of Reading University also asked if Mr Davy had any information on faecal egg counts (nematodes) and Mr. Davy replied "Yes we have done one lot and the idea is to track through the year with some more tests".

Mr & Mrs Phillips' Horses

Mr & Mrs Phillips' Horses