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The EU 'LegumePlus' Project - Researching Novel Legumes

Fodder legumes have two advantages over other forage plants. They are high in protein and require little or no nitrogen fertilizer. There are other benefits which legumes can offer. Some, like sainfoin and birdsfoot trefoil, contain ‘bioactive’ constituents that optimize protein use in ruminant nutrition, reduce methane gas emissions, control parasitic worms and improve food quality. LegumePlus aims to carry out research in these areas.



Garry Waghorn hailed 'Living Legend' by the NZ Soc. of Animal Production

Forty-five years in the rumen; aroma, discovery, and fun


Suraj Dhakal wins award for work on condensed tannins

Suraj won the 2016 Nor-Feed Award for paper on plant-based products against parasites.


ETH-Medal for Marion Girard

Outstanding PhD thesis awarded a silver medal and a financial prize by the ETH Zurich.


LegumePlus and Sainfoin Attracting Media Attention

Sainfoin featured in Dutch national newspaper


Sainfoin Grower’s Guide Now Available

The Sainfoin Growers’ Guide is now available to order or download


LegumePlus VIDEO - Final Dissemination Event at NIAB

A summary of the dissemination event and project findings

Sainfolia Video

Another way of producing and feeding - VIDEO

Sainfolia in France have created this fun video highlighting the virtues of Sainfoin.


LegumePlus in the US

Presentation by Prof. Irene Mueller-Harvey

LegumePlus reaches the Journal of Dairy Science

Paper published in the Journal of Dairy Science makes 'Editors Choice'

Editor-in-chief promotes the work done by Marion Girard


The Results

October Dissemination Event at NIAB, Cambridge


LegumePlus - Highlights

Highlights of the key research findings


LegumePlus Dissemination Event!

Bioactive Legumes: Forages with Veterinary, Nutritional & Environmental Qualities


The Importance of Soil

...and the crucial role of legumes for sustainable farming systems


New Position Available

Great opportunity for a short term research contract

Meeting participants during a Tour of Fribourg

A successful penultimate meeting in Switzerland

Project meeting at The Institute of Livestock Sciences, Switzerland

From left: W. Pellikaan, G. Waghorn, N. Huyen, C. Fryganas, I. Mueller-Harvey

Fruitful project meeting at Reading University, UK

Project coordinator Professor Irene Mueller-Harvey hosts the latest meeting

Mr & Mrs Phillips' Horses

Horses Love Sainfoin

Cotswold Seeds customer comments on his experience and involvement with Sainfoin and the LegumePlus project

LegumePlus outside Turku Castle

Finnish partners host the latest project meeting

Professor Salminen of Turku Univeristy welcomes LegumePlus to Finland

Cotswold Seeds and LegumePlus Survey

Project survey into use of novel legumes in the UK

Getting an accurate idea of the use of novel legumes in the UK

Sainfoin Condensed Tannin

Have you seen a tannin before? Some look friendlier than others!

A closer look at tannin cells

LegumePlus November 2013

Successful Mid-term Review at the University of Reading

Meeting of all project participants marks the halfway point of the LegumePlus project

Irene Mueller-Harvey and Beat Boller in a sainfoin meadow.

Sainfoin found growing naturally in Serbia

LegumePlus members stumble across the illusive species

The LegumePlus Team

Successful project meeting held at ETH Zurich, hosted by Agroscope

Members present their progress so far


Successfull project meeting in Arhem, Holland

ESRs and ERs present their research plans for the coming 3 years


All vacant positions for ESR and ER fellowships have now been filled

One year into the project and all we have a full team, raring to go!


LegumePlus member gets paper published in Science

Prof. Juha-Pekka Salminen (Turku, Finland) - 'Insects drive the evolution of plants'

LegumePlus Kick-off

LegumePlus Kick-off Meeting is a Success

All members present and accounted for

ESRs and ERs at Reading incl. Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj

LegumePlus researchers begin their training

LegumePlus Kick-off meeting, June 2012


LegumePlus Recruiting Young Researchers

ESR & ER Marie Curie Fellows can apply now ***ALL POSITIONS NOW FILLED***

LegumePlus Project

New EU Legume Research Project Given Go Ahead

LegumePlus will involve further research into Sainfoin, Red Clover and Birdsfoot Trefoil